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Established in 2009, Dreams Achievers is a Mandsaur (MP) based organisation that is on a mission to transform lives by accelerating individuals and organisations towards Success. Our founder, Mr. Nirmal Bhatnagar is a successful motivational speaker and an experienced corporate trainer. In Dreams Achievers we currently address various self-improvement programs such as Building Self-Confidence, developing Relationship Management, developing Positive Thinking, managing Stress, understanding Time Management, among several personal skill developmental topics. The mentors focusses on business skills like Team Management, Leadership, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, besides several modern skills of the modern businesses.


Our teams represent us in Mumbai, Pune, Indore, Nashik, Ujjain and Mandsaur work closely with our clients to deliver highly impactful and transformational soft skills and behavioural skills training through indoor and outdoor sessions. We welcome you into the journey of personal excellence which will lead you to discover your hidden potential and propel you towards a life of ultimate achievements, success and happiness.

About Dreams Achievers


To help individuals and organisations identify and achieve their goals and to create an environment of continuous improvement through a series of effective  techniques and conceptual trainings.


We wish to be recognised as the best team of mentors by transforming 10 million lives by 2025. We wish to equip our mentees with the mantra for excellence in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.


Trust, faith, respect, responsibility and commitments are the attributes that drive the team at Dreams Achievers. We  welcome  every  individual  to  join  us on our journey towards Success.

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