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Be The Best - Sales Person

About the Program

good salesperson needs to satisfy a client's needs, hence he must have an ability to Listen, able to provide empathy knowing well that what his customers feel. Salesperson is not somebody who sells products for money but sell an intangible product like happiness, satisfaction that goes beyond money. This is the only profession where one can decide their own pay check. Hence this program takes to learn, Competitiveness, Networking Ability, Boost Confidence, make them self enthusiastic and create resilience in them.

Program Coverage

Selling Rosaries
Selling is an ‘Art’ or ‘Science’
Hockey Goal

Goal Setting (Identifying the Purpose)

Frame for Your Projects
Unleash your Potential
Garage Sale Items
Overcome resistance to multiply sales
Skydivers Holding Hands
Identifying buying motives (Customers need & expectations) & plan to fulfil them
Parking Lot
Basics of Selling
Art Museum

Art of prospecting - 100:10:1 Ratio (Funnel)

Gain Confidence
Must Have Sale
Art of making dynamic sales presentations 
Watch Gear
Reduce time of selling & creating momentum
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
AAA Formula
Toddler Doing Yoga
Do’s  & Don’ts of professional selling
Communication Tower
Communication Skill 
Antique Garage Sale
Turning ‘No’ to ‘Yes’ (Increase Sales)
Outdoors Meeting
Understanding the difference between transactional selling & Relationship Selling


This is a very effective program with real life examples & presentations.  Session is full of exercises and demonstrations (by simulations) of handling real life situations.​

We will guide you to develop an action plan to achieve your Goal.

Who Should Attend

Program is for those people who want to make career in selling (concept/product/services) or person who are in the selling profession & want to sharpen their skills.

Program Duration

08 Hours (One Full Day or Two Half Days)

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