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Be The Best - Finance Literate

About the Program

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Financial Reports
Robot World
Calculate Savings
What is difference between saving and investment?

Unfortunately education which is suppose to support every individual to remain financially stable in life, does not concentrate to make the students finance literate. And remember money is the most required element for leading a decent life. Though, management and commerce programs do cover all the fundamentals required to achieve financial intelligence, individuals generally find it difficult to intelligently apply these principles when handling money and planning their life. This program develops the financial intelligence in the participants which is so very required in the current socio-economic situation. The facilitator uses everyday examples and anecdotes to teach these financial concepts and their application to succeed on the money front.

Why is financial literacy so important and why is it so difficult?
Understanding the “8th Wonder of the World”
Credit Card
Different craft materials
Hiking Trail
Is money a sin?
What are the different investment vehicles?
What are the ways to become rich in life?
Holding Hands
London Reflections
Business Partners at Work
What are different kinds of investors and what should you be?
What are financial levers and how to judiciously use them?

What are financial discipline and how much you should follow it?​

Display of Stock Market Quotes
What is time-value-of-money? How much do you require for retirement?
When it comes to financial planning, why one cannot copy what his parents did or improvise it?


Highly effective program where you will understand the insights of managing personal finance. To achieve the goal of financial literacy we package it with real life scenario with real life rich personnel example and a powerful game to understand the complexity of managing it in a simpler form. Apart from this we will guide you to develop an action plan to achieve your Financial Goal.

Who Should Attend

Everyone above 15 years of age.

Program Duration

08 Hours (One Full Day or Two Half Days)

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