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Our Mentors

A Mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself and helps bring it out of you.

N. Raghuraman

N. Raghuraman, a post graduate form Mumbai University and an IIT (Som) Mumbai alumnus, seasoned  journalist  with an experience of  more than  35  years in leading national dailies as editor including The Indian Express, DNA, Dainik Bhaskar etc. His immensely popular daily column 'Management Funda' in all edition of Dainik Bhaskar in three languages has captured the fancy of the nation given to meretricious ideals. The success of the column lies in stringing together diverse tales of ordinary people with extraordinary feats, in delineating the simplicity of life where indeed its core values are ensconced.  

Being endowed with deep industry and Indian demography he is associated with many pan India organisation and institutions in addressing their business pain areas and also advises them on strategic shifts and reorganisation. His strength actually lies in identifying the core competency of each senior most talent attached with these companies and help them to mitigate leadership failures within organisations and also doing a due diligence while hiring people at leadership level. 

His assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about the key players’ strength and weaknesses that enable organisations to make thoughtful, informed leadership decisions. These insights can point to developmental needs for individual executives, reveal opportunity to improve executive team effectiveness and help make distinction between CXO finalist candidates. Many organisations have benefitted in creating a blue print of career path from his leadership programs—on and off site—which brings out the untapped latent talent.

Raghuraman is also an amazing motivational and inspirational speaker, just as he is an accomplished master of ceremonies and moderator of public debates. His invigorating techniques to maximise mental power and bring the focus on optimum utility of one’s potential has been greatly admired. His assessment approach provides accurate and objective information about the key players’ strength and weaknesses that enable organisations to make thoughtful, informed leadership decisions.  

He has written books over 50 books in English and Hindi and several of his books are translated in Gujarathi and Marathi.

Rajesh Aggarwal 

Rajesh Aggarwal is known as Business Thinker & Motivational Speaker. He is also the founder of Rebirth Academy. He is working in the field of Training & Consultancy since 1993. An author of 5 books , Rajesh has conducted seminars & workshops in more than 89 cities in India including Dubai, America, Nepal, Bangladesh & Thailand on Sales, Business strategy, Attitude, Leadership, Public Speaking & Time Management for private and public sector companies. His program methodology is based on attending best Training sessions, interaction with people & his own life journey from courier pick up executive to Sales Manager,     Trainer, Director finally, Entrepreneur and Speaker.


His philosophy for individual or organisation - "Leave a story for people to follow."

Nirmal Bhatnagar

Nirmal Bhatnagar is a dynamic professional and a charismatic motivational speaker and facilitator. With 10000+ hours of experience as an educational consultant, career counsellor and a growth catalyser has helped him to train more than 50000+ individuals. He conducts talks, seminars and workshops which help individuals and teams to gain self-confidence, learn time management, embrace positive thinking, fix goal setting, work-on relationship management, and School & Classroom management among others. 


He helps institutes to develop SoPs (standard operating procedures) and to align personal goals of an employee with KRA (key result area) & KPI (Key performance index) to grow. He is a serial entrepreneur who lives with the thought that “Life is God’s gift and that one must always live with Freedom and Courage by channelizing positive energy in every sphere of life”. Along with Dreams Achievers, Nirmal has also founded Success Lab and conducted several Radio shows.


Nirmal Bhatnagar had an opportunity to provide technical assistance for establishing a hotline service to the Rashtrapati Bhawan, during a visit by the former Indian President, Late Shri Gyani Zail Singh to Ujjain, the pilgrim city of Madhya Pradesh. This experience inspired him to establish the first computer peripheral shop at Ujjain, which soon diversified into an end-to-end IT solutions retailer, offering software, hardware and networking training. The venture eventually also developed into the first computer hardware showroom of Ujjain city. Nirmal went on to become the pioneer for introducing various IT systems and technologies solutions in his home town Ujjain and its nearby areas. 


He seldom turned deaf ears to people with IT problems. Eventually, this attitude helped him to understand consumers’ plight by deep diving into their businesses. Thus offering solutions to those emerging businesses became his part of life and slowly this skill got developed as his forte for today’s consultancy business in Dreams Achievers. 

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