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Be The Best - Leader

About the Program

Leader is not somebody who is suppose to take work from people. That is the job of a manger. Leader is somebody who inspires people to work on their own and take responsibility for the future of theirs, society and as well as their office. Hence Leadership is a different role than being just an owner of a factory or a business. This program will give ideas on how to attract people towards self and make those followers  work the way they are guided.

Program Coverage

Creative Arrangment
Key Speaker
Bright Idea Bulb
How to develop Creative Attitude
How to become a Good Speaker
How to improve decision making
Cell Phones
People's Shadows
How to become a Good Communicator
How to deal with people without Fear
How to motivate Team & Organisation
Crossing the Finish Line
Martial Arts Class
Swing Time
How to achieve Goal Quickly
How to Improve Self Esteem
How to become a Good Time Manager
Bike Handles
Getting Ready to Run
How to Handle negative emotions like Anger, worry and stress 
How to get work done from others without their realisation
Personal Shopper


The program is full of group activities with Interesting & entertaining concepts, group activities, individual performance, motivational  competitions, Musical  healing. It  will  keep the participants totally engrossed.  A workbook will play a valuable role of a guide during workshop and afterwards also as a follow up tool.

Who Should Attend

Middle and Senior management of the organisations.

Program Duration

08 Hours (One Full Day or Two Half Days)

How to get work done from all employees now with Work From Home becoming a new norm after corona 
How to keep self Personality groomed—like dress sense, dining style, communication style, and presentation style 
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