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Be The Best - Parent

About the Program

‘Parenting’ is an institution that has almost eroded in terms of value and upbringing the next generation not because of the fault of any parents but because of the rat race in the corporate sector making parents to pay little attention to their offsprings. This program deals with practical ides that can create a right balance between home, office and parenting.

Program Coverage

Happy Family in Nature

Know your parenting style​

Parent and Child at the Supermarket
How to set Right examples
Mother and Son
Techniques to handle super talented kids
Family Decorating Eggs
Kids in Technology Class
Understand the concept of New Age parenting
Understand the role of 3T’s (Technology, Talent and Time)


The program will bring you proven methods of parenting from globe and try to create customised answers depending upon each parents’ need.  Story telling and presentation of examples will work as guide book for each parent after they finish the program.

Who Should Attend

All parents, teachers, coachers and trainers.

Program Duration

04 Hours 

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