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Let's Talk About the Future

About The Program

According to a report by World Education Today, 70% of students are chasing dying careers. Which means our education system is preparing 1.5 billion students for the jobs of yesterday. In a research similar to the one above, Dell, the leading IT company, claims that 85 percent of the occupations that will exist in 2030 are yet to be invented, implying that we must teach them something new which they haven't studied in formal education. 


Apart from that, we all know that each child is born with an unique individual attribute and limitless potential. However, if he or she is having difficulty in any area, it is simply due to a lack of suitable guidance. 


Keeping both these considerations in mind, we have designed this courseto assist them in understanding the future and new, upcoming opportunities.  

Program Coverage


  • Biological Intelligence V/s Technological Intelligence

  • Understand the new‘ism (Human Centric to purpose centric)

  • Understand the new revolution

  • Reasons for mass job loss

  • New opportunities

  • Challenges of the future

  • Education of the future

  • Understand the journey of Industry 1.0 to Industry 5.0

  • Key skills for the future

  • How to beat technology

  • The New Economy

  • Let's talk about future professions

Who should attend

Anyone above 15 years


Program Duration

60 Minutes 


Mr. Nirmal Bhatnagar

Program Investment

Free Webinar 

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