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Be The Best - Teacher

About the Program

Teaching is the only profession that creates all other profession so it is very important for us to deliver the things rightly at the right time. This program will teach the teachers following things…

Program Coverage

Chalkboard Drawings


This is a very effective program with real life examples & presentations. Session is full of exercises & demonstrations (by simulations) of handling real life classroom experiences. The program will guide you to develop an action plan to achieve your Goals.

Basics of Teaching
Art Class
Knowing teaching is an ‘Art’ or ‘Science’ 
Learning Game
Identifying learning motives (Students need & expectations) & plan to fulfil them
Teacher and Students in Science Class
Overcome resistance to multiply students performance
Child at Psychologist
Understanding Child Psychology (Basics)
Confident Female Teacher
Gain Confidence
Young Teacher
Understanding basic qualities of Teacher
Raising Hands
Understanding the difference between ‘Teacher’ & ‘Effective Teacher’
Art of making dynamic presentations 
EEE Formula
Little Boy with Crayons
Unleash your Potential
Soccer Player
Goal Setting (Identifying the Purpose)
Happy Boy
Skills - Communication Skill, Presentation Skill, etc  (Basics)
Window Shopping
Understanding & Using Body Language
We Do
Do’s  & Don’ts of professional teaching

Who Should Attend

Program is for those peoples who want to make career in teaching or for teachers who want to sharpen their skills.

Program Duration

08 Hours (One Full Day or Two Half Days)

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